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Monday, December 01, 2008

Rake tasks to help you with family photos

Yesterday while I tried once again to download photos from my camera with digikam, it gave me a SIGABRT crash, I'm using kde 4.1.3, so I tried to build new deb package for digikam 0.10.beta6 and I did not succeed, many kde dependencies and I could not want to break my installation.

So as quick solution I wrote a small Rakefile to help me download photos from my camera and arrange them in folders by photo date (Like I used digikam). I want to share this rake tasks, maybe it will save time to other people. Currently it only support jpeg files. Bonus: it can rotate photos based on exif information related photo information.

rake ph:get # Get photos from camera to current folder
rake ph:delete # Delete all photos from camera
rake ph:arrange # Arrange photos in folders by date
rake ph:rotate # Rotate photos from exif info
rake ph:list # Show photos info

Here is a source code:

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